Your comments when donating to yesterday’s crowdfunder

Thank you!

Yesterday, between 0530 and 2030, 1519 people donated over £40,000 to ensure that we can pay our brilliant legal team (and court costs and, if we lose, adverse costs against us) for the work they’ve done so far on this challenge. That has involved legal research, talking to experts, preparing a formal legal letter (see here – it’s not just a friendly note!) and filing a much more detailed legal case which sets out a statement of facts and grounds for judicial review.

Thank you to all who have made that possible – and we loved the comments that you made. Here are just a few examples:

Sheila – Thank goodness for Wild Justice. I would be in complete despair if you were not here to defend our beautiful wildlife & environment. I am so worried for our flora & fauna. Thank you for all that you do. You are heroes.

Judi – Long awaited action and from people who get results! Bravo, wish I could give more.

Chris – Great work I think for many reasons this is the most important fight you are taking on.

Colin – Fully supportive. Enforcement seems to have been sacrificed on the altar of low taxes! Regulators must do their jobs effectively.

Anon – So important, the profits need to go to upgrading the sewerage system and not to shareholders. Increased population demands it.

Jacqui – I live close to the Thames at Maidenhead and can often see discharges floating down it. It needs to be much cleaner to protect local people and wildlife.

Mark – I am a kayaker, wild swimmer and love to see our waterways from the water. With its rich and varied wildlife both in and living from the water all this is at risk because of sewerage plants up and down the country. Thank you for fighting for our beautiful waterways.

Mark – Thank you for your good work – which should be unnecessary if government did its job properly.

Michael – I expect every other angler in Britain to support this action, with their cash.

Linda – Water is the life blood of this planet and imperative that we keep it clean.

Carol – Good luck! We need a clean up!

Andrew – I am proud to be associated with the good work that you do.

Richard – Good luck, team. Stop regulators becoming Government stooges.

Joanna – Excellent work as usual. Love what you are doing and will always chip in if I can. Thank you so much.

Sarah – Thank you for taking on this challenge – it is essential work to call the regulatory bodies to account.

Brian – Live by the Wye, which has virtually died in last few years.

Gwenllian – I am so glad that I read the article in the Guardian this morning and followed the crowdfunding link.

Steve – The UK’s record on environmental security and preserving biodiversity is bad enough as it is without Ofwat failing to do its job.

Colin – Thank goodness someone is holding the dysfunctional Government Agency Ofwat to account for their fecklessness.

Vivian – Time to link Shareholders dividend to the amount of sewage discharge each company makes. The more discharges the less money available for Shareholders. That would soon put a stop to such practice.

Anon – Good luck fighting this. Its disgusting how much is being pumped into waterways.

Janet – Thank you for speaking on behalf of all of us who deplore the dumping of sewage in our waterways. Disgusting acts of vandalism. This has to stop.

Andrew – I make this donation because I know that Wild Justice’s campaigns are effective and powerful.

Susan – So sorry I can’t donate more x

Anon – Isn’t it ironic that citizens have to mobilise and self-fund to challenge and make accountable a government body, funded with tax payers’ money, that should make companies that are getting away with environmental murder accountable but doesn’t.

Anon – From the Guardian 22 May 2022, about the rivers where I live. “Only one popular river spot for bathing and water sports in and around Oxford has bacteria within safe levels, a survey by a campaign group has found”.

Liz – I really applaud your efforts and get up and go to challenge Ofwat on this. Hats off to you. Amazing job and thank you. As an open water swim in both lakes and the sea, the work you’re doing is so important trying to maintain our biodiversity and health.

Paula – What would we do without you. Thank you.