Wild Justice’s Raptor Forensics Fund helps secure 2nd gamekeeper conviction

We’re delighted to learn that our Raptor Forensics Fund, established in 2020 to help support police investigations into alleged raptor persecution crime, has played a part in the conviction of a criminal gamekeeper in Nottinghamshire.

The full details of this conviction will be made public after a sentencing hearing later this month but for now, a summary article can be read here.

This is the second conviction that our Raptor Forensics Fund has helped secure. The first one was gamekeeper Hilton Prest who was found guilty in December 2021 of the unlawful use of a trap (see here).

Thank you to all those who contributed to our Raptor Forensics Fund and thanks also to the PAW Forensic Working Group (a sub-group of the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime) who administer our fund and ensure that police officers can access it without delay to help progress their investigations into raptor persecution crimes.