Wild Justice statement on new general licences.

Wild Justice says:

Odd isn’t it? Natural England consulted with Defra in April and revoked these licences and then Defra consulted with Natural England in June and reinstated them. We wonder whether they know what they are doing.

Wild Justice is most interested in the licences which authorise killing protected birds for the purposes of nature conservation. On the science; the licences are flawed. On the law; our challenge to GL26 is lodged and we await Natural England’s response by 4pm on Friday next. We are also consulting our lawyers over the new licences issued today. And on the politics; Michael Gove probably won’t be Environment Secretary for much longer and he is leaving a mess for his successor to clear up.

Wild Justice looks forward to the promised consultation on general licences but that seems a long way away. Defra should move much quicker.’