Thank you for your responses

We have been amazed by the number of people who have already told us that they have responded to the DEFRA gamebird consultation. This is an issue about which many ‘ordinary’ people, many living in the countryside, feel very passionate.

Thank you for responding – every response is valuable, whether you basically cut-and-paste our suggestions, shorten or lengthen them, correct the typos or introduce some of your own, refine or embellish them, or indeed start from scratch and produce your own perfect consultation response.

The closing date for consultations is Monday so we expect some people to have a look at this at the weekend and send off a response then. Here are our suggestions for how to respond – click here.

Here are just a few quotes from what you have sent us:

Hi team Wild Justice,

I’ve been waiting for your email.

I will certainly be responding to the DEFRA consultation despite concern of retribution from local gamekeepers. Thank you for the prompts for submitting my response.

I’m boiling with rage at the narrow scope of this consultation and time window as I’m sure that you are !!!

Please keep up the good work. Thanks for getting us this far whatever the outcome. I’ll keep the (modest) financial support coming for this and your other initiatives.

parts of a much longer communication

Thanks for being brilliant. Carry on doing an excellent job on our behalf please. 
Game bird consultation response done.

Response submitted (copy attached). Good luck.

from a professor who proposed a 1500m buffer zone

Thank you for circulating this, I have now submitted my response. I am appalled at the bias towards the shooting industry that was evident from the wording of the consultation. I can see a long fight ahead – keep up your great work.
Best regards and warm wishes

Greatly admire your sterling work fighting the corner for British wildlife against such powerful vested interests.

Just to mention that I did respond. Distressing stuff indeed with a clearly stated intention of only pursuing a 3-year interim licencing regime, excluding 87 sites without any research/evidence basis, setting down a 500m buffer zone without adequate evidence , ignoring economic impacts and ecological/services impacts through selection of only 2 research components to be studied namely soil eutrophication and depletion of vegetation. I don’t see any evidence of research appreciation or need or “letting the science decide”.

Dear  Mark Avery, Chris Packham and Ruth Tingay,

Just to let you know that I completed the consultation and sent it in to DEFRA by email today,

Best wishes,

Filled in consultation and submitted.

Signed petition too.

Good luck and thank you for highlited quotes.