Crowdfunder update – over half way

On Thursday morning, at 10am, Wild Justice launched its current crowdfunder to raise the massive sum of £44,500 in order to fund a legal challenge to force Defra’s Michael Gove to assess the ecological impact of the annual release into the countryside of 50+ million Pheasant and Red-legged Partridges.

After c70 hours (ie we’re still in Day 3 of this appeal) the amount of money we still need to raise doesn’t begin with a 4, or a 3 or a 2 but is £19,930. That’s still a lot of money, but we are well over half way there. Thank you to 1000 supporters for getting us so far, so quickly.

The three Wild Justice directors, Chirs Packham, Ruth Tingay and Mark Avery spend a ridiculous amount of time checking on progress of the crowdfunder – it becomes quite addictive. So to keep putting smiles on our faces, if you’ve been meaning to donate but haven’t quite got around to it yet, then please have a look at our crowdfunding page on the Crowdjustice site.

Here are some of the messages that we have been sent by supporters:

I’ve just been reading The Times (Chris Packham starts legal challenge over release of 35m pheasants and partridges) and I think what Wild Justice are all doing is great. You don’t have to be vegan or even particularly tuned-in to realise something’s going horribly wrong on so many fronts. And, as many campaigners have shown before, the law can be a very powerful tool if it’s brought to the defence of those who cannot defend themselves.

Excellent news, thank you for tackling this on our behalf and on behalf of wildlife. I work in the countryside and whilst there is some good conservation work and local employment done in the course of managing shoots I think the degree to which the countryside is altered to support game shooting is unjustifiable and unsustainable. Huge swathes of land are just pheasant and partridge farms and shooting ranges.’

I like many shooters in the UK who have no interest in killing wildlife
either for food or reprehensibly for fun, but are railroaded into BASC
membership to get insurance cover for our target (as in paper target)
shooting hobby, but are getting sick and tired of the BASC’s continued
bollox about ‘shooting under threat’ in the UK as their standard response
to good people like yourselves standing up for our wildlife.

As a 20 year vegan who happens to enjoy the relaxing yet challenging
hobby of target shooting – the BASC’s vocal assertion of speaking for
all shooters in that ‘all for one and one for all ‘ diatribe of theirs
has just gone too far and I will be canceling my membership and looking
for an alternative forthwith.