Crowdfunder approaches end of Week1

The Wild Justice crowdfunder to raise funding for a legal challenge of Defra (until yesterday actually of Michael Gove but now of Theresa Villiers) will complete its first week at 10am this morning. We are aiming to force Defra to carry out an ecological assessment under the Habitats Directive of the impacts of releasing 50 million non-native gamebirds, Pheasants and Red-legged Partridges, into the countryside every year.

These two species of non-native bird make up half the biomass of birds in the countryside. If this completely unregulated situation had not crept up on us over the years, and from scratch someone suggested that we release these birds into the countryside, then surely government would have said ‘Hang on a second, that’s bound to have a fundamental impact on the ecology of the countryside. We ought to check this out.’. Our legal challenge is to get this checked out.

Thank you for amazing support from over 1100 individuals. In 23% of the time allowed, we have raised 66% of the funds needed. We have 23 days to raise the remaining £14,974 to reach our £44,500 target.

Please consider donating to our crowdfunder – click here – thank you.