General licences

Update: DAERA and delays, delays delays…

It seems we’ve encountered yet another delay with the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs’ (DAERA) promised consultation on […]

Delaying tactics

We’ve learned, since our public launch on 13 February 2019, that public bodies almost always try to delay any legal […]

Ecological illiteracy from BASC

An article in this week’s The ENDS Report highlights the ecological illiteracy of the British Association for Shooting & Conservation […]

NRW consults on general licences in Wales

Yesterday, Natural Resources Wales launched a consultation on their general licences. The consultation is lengthy but that is because it […]

Shooting Times and the imperfect 8

See four previous blogs to catch up on this story: 28 May, Alleged breach of general licences; 2 July, The […]

A letter to the Shooting Times

Dear Shooting Times, We write to you to draw to your attention the inaccuracy of an article published in your […]

DEFRA omnishambles

Dear DEFRA, we asked you at a so-called stakeholder meeting in early November about the conditions applying to your (then) […]

DEFRA roll out of general licences

DEFRA has rolled out the existing scientifically flawed and, we believe, unlawful general licences for several more months. This is […]

Letter to DEFRA on general licences

Yesterday Wild Justice’s lawyers sent this letter to DEFRA. Paragraphs 16, 17 and 18 sum it all up pretty well. […]

Well done Wales!

Natural Resources Wales (the equivalent of Natural England, the Environment Agency and Forestry England rolled into one) has issued its […]

General licences – Scotland

Everyone is looking at general licences following our successful legal challenge of the system, and in the knowledge that further […]

General licences in Wales

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) ordered a review of licencing arrangements following a legal challenge in England by campaign group Wild […]

Response due from Natural England.

Natural England should be replying to Wild Justice’s Pre-Action Protocol letter over General Licence GL26 by 4pm tomorrow. We’ll be […]

Evidence base for GL26 is threadbare

This is the section in the Licence Determination document received from Natural England to justify the publication of General Licence […]

More on our latest legal challenge

Because the magazine/website Sporting Gun was unique among shooting magazines in actually asking us about what we were doing when […]

A message from Defra

Received from Defra yesterday afternoon: Dear colleague,   We intend to announce shortly how we will proceed on general licensing, […]

Short statement by Wild Justice

Wild Justice noted with interest the Efra Committee meeting which took evidence yesterday from Natural England.  Wild Justice will make […]

Questions for Natural England

Natural England’s Deputy Chair Lord Blencathra (who was Acting Chair at the time of the decision to revoke the General […]

Thank you RSPB

Wild Justice is pleased, but not remotely surprised, to see that the RSPB has followed our lead on the general […]

Thank you GWCT

A few days ago we thanked BASC for their response to the Defra consultation on general licences because it clarified […]

Thank you BASC

We are grateful to BASC (British Association for Shooting and Conservation) for providing a very helpful visual aid to guide […]