What you’ve told us about SSSIs (1)

Wow! We’ve already had over 500 responses to our Monday newsletter, and blog – click here – about SSSIs. And they have come from right across Great Britain. We have read every one, and they are still coming, and we will read every one of those too.

There are some very clear themes and we’ll come back to some of those, but the overwhelming reception to the information we provided on how to locate SSSIs has been that you are delighted to have it and surprised by how many SSSIs are close to where you live. The closest we have logged so far is 45 paces from one of our subscribers but an awful lot of people have discovered that there is an SSSI within walking distance of home.

Here is a tiny selection of comments:

Thank you for your timely piece on SSSIs.  I am the chair of our local environment group and I am researching the status of a local wildlife site prior to doing some conservation work in it.  I had received contradictory information about whether or not it was a SSSI.  Following the links in your email I learn that it isn’t.

The nearest one to me is Plymbridge Lane and Estover road – a tiny parcel of land amongst housing and hospital buildings that is home to the only known wild population of the Plymouth pear tree. It’s about 2 miles from where I live and I had no idea it was an SSSI until your email prompted me to investigate.

I have been very surprised to learn of one near to me which I’d never known about.  I have walked and driven along Bonhay Road in Exeter countless times without being aware that it has an SSSI designation.

My nearest SSSI is Richmond Park – whoever knew that! – and I live about ½ mile from it.

My nearest SSSI is XXXXXX in East Lancashire. About 3 miles away. I know it quite well and it’s a great spot for bird life. But I had no idea that it was a SSSI!

I live in London NW1 and my nearest SSSI is Hampstead heath woods. Didn’t know it was designated!

The closest SSSI to me is Killerton in Devon which I visit regularly. Ashamed to say I did not realise it was an SSSI! 

I live 5 mins walk away near Chester & I was not fully aware that the River Dee is an SSSI.

I have 2 SSSI within 3Km  neither of which I was aware of. Duckmanton Railway Cutting in a favourable condition and Doe Lea Stream Section in unfavourable recovering. [near Chesterfield]

I live in the large borough of Bromley in Greater London in southeast London. I knew about Ruxley Gravel Pits as I once got access to it through the local Bromley RSPB visit. However; I hadn’t realised that it straddles both sides of the road . It’s about 10 minutes drive from me. I didn’t know about Elmstead Pit which is even closer to me- 5 minutes in the car-if that! I also have Crofton Woods within around 15 minutes drive. I didn’t know about it.

Thank you for the information on helping find these sites. It’s great to be able to see where they are. There are two SSSI’s quite close to me that I wasn’t aware of. Ludworth Intake, which is about 2 miles away and Matley Moor Meadows, near Rowarth, which is about 4 or 5 miles away. Compstall Nature Reserve (also known as Etherow Country Park) I know well and is about 3 miles from me. [East of Manchester]

There is an SSSI approx 2km from where I live in Frome Somerset – Vallis Vale on the SSSI map. I knew of the area but not the fact is is a designated SSSI.

Hi, in response to your email this morning, I’ve discovered that I literally live over the road from an SSSI. It’s Whittlewood Forest in Northants.

My closest SSSI is Harries Ground, Rodbourne.  I wasn’t aware of it.  I’m also fairly close to some sites I did know about – various sites owned by Wiltshire Wildlife, eg Cloately Farm, Clattinger Farm, Distillery Farm. I was surprised to find that the M4 motorway cutting at junction 17 (the Chippenham one) is an SSSI!

The nearest SSSIs to me in Wales are New House Meadow and the River Wye just below it, in Rhayader.  Approx 2 miles away. I didn’t know New House Meadow was a SSSI – I walk past it most days on my walks on the Wye Valley Trail.  It’s not possible to access it, but it’s good to know it’s there as a SSSI. How interesting!

I find that my house is within 200m of two SSSIs here in Devon. 

I’m about 450m from 2 SSSI’s one of which I wasn’t aware of! 

My nearest SSSI is Tynet Burn, just WSW of Buckie, Moray, where I live. I didn’t even know about it before! It’s about 5km ? from where I live. I shall be going for a look!

Living on The Parade in Barry, South Wales, I find I’m actually over looking one! Known as Little Island – better known as Friar’s Point to us. Another one is on a frequent dog walk, that being Cliff Woods. It appears that Barry is surrounded by these sites. I’ll be researching these over the next few days to find out just what the scientific interest is!

I have discovered that I live less than 1km from The Wye SSSI in Derbyshire. 

We have an SSSI about a mile away Called Coed Talon Marsh we regularly visit it for a walk but did not realise it is an SSSI.