Lead-free promise – we ask the NGDA

We wrote to the National Game Dealers Association over 10 days ago but have not yet had a response to our enquiry:

Wild Justice understood that NGDA were going to go lead-free from 1 July 2022 and that game supplied by your members would only have been shot with non-toxic ammunition. Now we are led to understand that decision has been reversed. Please let us know your current position. 

  • Are Red Grouse shot this season and sold through NGDA members killed with non-toxic ammunition? 
  • Will partridges (Grey and Red-legged) shot from 1 September 2022 be lead-free or not? 
  • How about Pheasants from the 2022 shooting season?

We’ll let you know whether we get a reply, and what it says, but if you are interested in this subject and would like to enquire yourselves then try here Contact Us | National Game Dealers Association

Wild Justice is also writing to supermarkets and others asking them about their plans to sell lead-free or lead-heavy game meat this autumn. Watch this space.