#HHDay2019 (2)

The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust were wonderful partners at yesterday’s Hen Harrier Day event at Carsington Water. Not only was Tim Birch an inspiring speaker, and not only did Derbyshire Wildlife Trust members turn out in large numbers, but they also produced a fantastic book of writing about Hen Harriers (pictured above being waved around by Chris Packham).

Diane Gould getting a deserved round of applause at Hen Harrier Day. Photo: Guy Shorrock/RSPB

Diane Gould brought this collection together and four of the children who contributed read out their marvellous words on stage.

It looks like a small thing, but the 12 pages are packed with moving and beautiful words about Hen Harriers.

Photo: Guy Shorrock/RSPB

Thank you to the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and thank you to:

Maxwell and Zahra (aged 7)

Fraser, Holly and Rosie (aged 9)

Sarah, Hamish, Hattie, Poppy, Kaya, Lucy and Charlotte (aged 10)

Emily (aged 11)

Lucy, Jack and Kitty (aged 12)

Meri (aged 13)

We may well feature some of their work on this blog in future.