#HHDay2019 (1)

Yesterday’s Hen Harrier Day event was a great success. Here are just a few images of the day (all by Guy Shorrock).

A small part of the 1500+ crowd. Photo: Guy Shorrock
A part of the same crowd later in the day. Photo: Guy Shorrock
The three Wild Justice directors. Photo: Guy Shorrock

Hen Harrier Day 2019 was a very special event – it was the first one organised by Wild Justice and the biggest ever. And it was a pile of fun.

More blogs on this during the day but first, some thanks:

  • HUGE THANKS to Severn Trent Water for letting us, and helping us, have this event on their site. Severn Trent were brilliant to work with and very helpful throughout. And they also shrugged off some nastiness from anonymous phone callers who self-identified as being from the shooting community (more on this later).
  • MASSIVE THANKS to all the speakers who gave up their time, expertise and passion freely (more on this later).
  • 1500++ thanks to attendeees – for many of whom this was their first Hen Harrier Day attendance. There could easily have been 3000+ attendees over the whole day as, obviously, people were coming and going all the time. It was a fine turnout on a day when the weather forecast was not wholly for fine weather and so…
  • …thank you to the heavens for not opening up on us and the few showers that happened early on in the day were balanced out by the fine weather and sunshine later.

More thanks, and more news later today.