What others say (said) about us

There is a lot of comment about Wild Justice from others (we may even have been given a tangential mention from the Secretary of State for DEFRA, George Eustice, yesterday – see transcript about too many lawyers). A lot of the comment comes from the shooting community and most of it is incredibly ill-informed and way off the mark. It’s very funny to see how wrong they usually are (and we do mean usually, in the sense of almost always).

Just as an example we came across this example from March last year only a few days ago and we, the three of us, have been exchanging jokey emails about it ever since.

Here are some quotes from the article and comments from us:

  • Although ostensibly united by their common antipathy to fieldsports‘ – that’s not what we are about as our work on glyphosate and Badgers probably shows! It’s not all about you, shooters.
  • one suspects that required to work collaboratively under the auspices of a company structure, not for profit or otherwise, may prove very challenging‘ – there’s no ‘or otherwise’ about it, and we are having a blast thanks. We don’t agree about everything – that’s part of the strength of our collaboration – but we have never had a fist fight (go ask BASC about those).
  • Presumably they will be able to count on pro bono support from those in the legal profession who share their beliefs‘ – no, we pay our way, although we get very good rates we know.
  • the question is just how will they get the sort of funding which their ambitious manifesto demands?‘ – we ask people to donate and they do. Our recent crowdfunder for our current Badger challenge raised £48,500 in three days – sorry we were so slow.
  • The problem is that the three people who have taken it upon themselves to do so, are single issue fanatics each blessed with an abundant ego and obsessed with shooting. Chuck into the pot questionable people skills and it becomes a matter of if rather than when the bust-up happens.’ – you’re such sweeties, with such great people skills although you seem a little obsessed with shooting…

A writer about shooting was sure that we established Wild Justice to take private prosecutions in Scotland – we didn’t and we haven’t but we might, thanks for the suggestion.

Another bunch of shooters were sure that the generous donation of £10,000 to our crowdfunder was coming from Brian May, Mark Constantine or the League Against Cruel Sports – all wrong. And as far as we know (though we wouldn’t necessarily know if they contributed to crowdfunders) we have received no donations from any of those. We thank HSI-UK for their funding.

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