Update on e-action – Uplands for people, for the climate and for wildlife

Our e-action, Uplands for people, for the climate and for wildlife was launched on Saturday.

The headline number

According to our records over 8000 emails have been sent to elected parliamentarians across the UK since Saturday morning – asking for them to deliver Uplands for people, for the climate and for wildlife. Thank you! (The counter on our webpage says just over 7000 but we think that there is a slight glitch there which we will try to fix).

A national breakdown

Wales 38 of 60 MSs have been contacted (63%)

Northern Ireland 50 of 90 MLAs have been contacted (55%)

Scotland 120 of 129 MSPs have been contacted (93%)

England 513 of 533 MPs have been contacted (96%)

The top-ranking English constituences

The top-10 English constituencies in responding to our e-action are all, or are immediately adjacent to, upland areas:

Derbyshire Dales, Sarah Dines MP, 45 emails

Skipton and Ripon, Julian Smith MP, 44 emails

Sheffield Hallam, Olivia Blake MP, 42 emails

High Peak, Robert Largan MP, 41 emails

Hexham, Guy Opperman MP, 36 emails

Westmorland and Lonsdale, Tim Farron MP, 31 emails

Berwick upon Tweed, Ann-Marie Trevelyan MP, 31 emails

Sheffield Central, Paul Blomfield MP, 28 emails

Calder Valley, Craig Whittaker MP, 28 emails

Richmond, Rishi Sunak MP, 26 emails

The missing English constituencies

There are 20 English MPs who have not yet had a single email asking for Uplands for people, for the climate and for wildlife and we think we know who 18 of them are (the process of locating them is trickier than you’d think!). One is easy – it is Chris Packham’s MP, Julian Lewis MP, who won’t accept email correspondence! Please tell us if you have written to him on this subject. Of the rest, 8 are London constituencies (mostly north of the river), 3 are West Midland constituencies, 2 are Liverpool constituencies, and then there are Redcar, Ashton-under-Lyne, Wigan and Gillingham and Rainham and the 2 that we haven’t spotted yet). These are mostly inner-city built up constituencies at some distance from any upland areas and so that makes some sense. But we’re sure they’ll all respond eventually.

We will bring you regular updates on progress but if you have signed the e-action and sent a message to your elected representative(s) – thank you! Now please ask your friends to do the same.

If you haven’t yet participated then please have a look at https://wildjustice.eaction.org.uk/saveourskydancers2021/ and see whether you can take part. Many thanks!