Our e-action – uplands for people, the climate and wildlife

We’re asking you, please, to send this message to all politicians elected in each of the four UK parliaments. Just pop your postcode and details in here and your message will be sent automatically to the right person (or persons) – click here.

I am writing to you to ask you to speak up for our uplands. 

In the face of a nature and climate emergency, we need uplands that work for people, for the climate and for wildlife.

Ahead of this autumn’s international meetings on climate and biodiversity, I would like to ask you to make a new commitment to the precious upland landscapes of Britain. 

As the person who speaks for me in parliament, can I ask you to stand up for uplands that work for:

People:  We need a better deal for residents, workers, landowners, visitors and taxpayers. Our hills should provide benefits for all. We need to see more sustainable economic activity, reduced flood risk and responsible land ownership. They should benefit our health and wellbeing, as beautiful places to relax and enjoy the scenery and wildlife.  

Climate: We need you to help uplands reach their potential as huge, natural carbon stores; they are key to helping us tackle climate change in a sustainable way. The return of natural woodlands and bogs in prime condition will deliver that vision and bring wildlife back. The uplands are our largest carbon bank – let’s invest in them.

Wildlife: We need to reverse decades of de-wilding and put the wildlife back into the uplands. We need to diversify landscapes, restore a mix of habitats and shift away from over-burning, over-draining and overgrazing.

At the heart of this, we must see an end to the persecution of our raptors. The brutal killing of Hen Harriers must stop. The killing of Golden Eagles, Peregrines, Buzzards and Goshawks must stop. Our uplands are not uplands without raptors thriving alongside a wealth of wildlife in a functioning ecosystem. 

The absence of Hen Harriers from so many of our upland landscapes, including many of our National Parks, symbolises how wrong the current situation is. Protected wildlife is being removed by criminals engaged in unsustainable land management. We cannot be proud of the uplands whilst wildlife crime is rife. 

I am asking you as my political representative to commit to this new vision for the uplands of Britain: for people, for the climate and for wildlife.

Thank you! Now please spread the word and ask your friends to sign too. Here’s the link again – click here.