Thank you!

Thank you for all your messages of support – these come in a wide variety of forms and we get a lot of really lovely cards – especially at Christmas.

Here are a few of your recent messages:

Eat scouse – not grouse!

I’ve agreed with a friend to make donations instead of buying Christmas presents. So please find enclosed a cheque on behalf of my friend ***** ****

Thanks for all your hard work this year and many congrats on your success.

Thank you for what you are doing, you give us all some hope in a very bleak world.

I thank you for your hard, effective work.

Hope you can keep up the good work – thanks!

Thank you for all the important work you do.

Well done and thank you!

There are lots and lots more along those lines – thank you very much.

And thank you for your donations too – today three cheques, each for £50, arrived in the post and a very generous donor made a donation of £1000 through PayPal. It must be Christmas!

Thank you all for the various forms of support you give us.