Breaking News: Date confirmed for Badger-shooting debate

Photo credit: Vincent Van-Zalinge

Breaking news: you may remember our petition calling for a ban on shooting Badgers in England. You might have been one of the the 106,108 people who signed it back in 2020.

At the time, we argued that shooting is poorly monitored and is a method of culling that is inhumane. We said we believe it has never met the animal welfare standards recommended by a 2014 Independent Expert Panel, whose recommendations were accepted by DEFRA. We therefore called for a ban on shooting Badgers in England. 

Today we’ve heard our petition will be debated by MPs in Westminster Hall at 16:30 on Monday March 14th. Update: The debate on Shooting Badgers in England has been postponed to Monday 21st March, at 16:30. This is rather short notice, so we’d like your help in making sure Badgers get a fair debate on the day. Nick Fletcher MP, a member of the Petitions Committee, will open the debate.

If you live in England, please consider writing to your MP and asking them to attend the debate on the 21st. By speaking up, you’ll demonstrate there is a widespread support of this ban across the country.

We’ll be updating shortly on the time and full details of the debate [updated 17:10, 2 March], and will also share some suggested wording for contacting your MP in due course and initially through our newsletter. For now, please add the date to your diaries, and consider watching live on the day.

More details soon…