Woodcock shooting in England opens in 75 days unless Defra acts


There’s a remarkable amount of ignorance about Woodcock shooting – even among shooters. We’ve been told several times since we started our petition to shorten the Woodcock shooting season that nobody shoots Woodcock these days. Well that must be news to this shoot in North Devon advertising Woodcock shooting starting from 1 October even though the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust advice is;

You’ll note that this is a Woodcock shoot, specifically targetting (literally) Woodcock, and from 1 October. It also claims to be ‘a very popular shoot and days go quick’.

Here’s another one which states that the best time to shoot is November-January. It’s specifically a driven Woodcock shoot with access to a ‘tailor-made Woodcock estate’ where 70-100 Woodcock can be killed in a day – that’s what they are selling here;


Here’s another example , this time in Cornwall where a lot of Woodcock shoots can be found.


Woodcock shooting in England opens in 75 days time on 1 October, that’s 61 days earlier than the science says is sensible, unless Defra acts now to change the shooting season.

Please sign our petition to put back the Woodcock shooting season until 1 December as recommended by the science – click here.