Our Woodcock petition passes 51,000 signatures

Our Woodcock petition has passed 50,000 signatures (and 51,000) so we’re over half of the way to gaining a Westminster Hall debate on the subject. And every signature increases the pressure on DEFRA to do something sensible.

Please share the petition link – https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/619615 – you can help move things along even faster. Thank you.

We don’t assume that we will get to 100,000 signatures – but that is definitely our aim. Thank you for your support so far.

And we now have the RSPB supporting this petition too – see their blog today – click here. Thank you RSPB!

We’ve been listing leading constituencies here now and again. We’ve listed those constituencies with more than 100 signatures – but that is now a very long list indeed (over 180 constiuencies) so we are changing tack. This time we are listing those constituencies with 154+ signatures. Why at least 154? Seems an odd number? Well, 100,000 signatures, divided across 650 constituencies means that the average constituency has to produce 154 signatures.

    1. North Norfolk, Duncan Baker MP248 signatures
    2. West Dorset, Chris Loder MP241 signatures
    3. Derbyshire Dales, Sarah Dines MP225 signatures
    4. Suffolk Coastal, Therese Coffey MP221 signatures
    5. St Ives, Derek Thomas MP211 signatures
    6. Stroud, Siobhan Baillie MP210 signatures
    7. Somerton and Frome, David Warburton MP209 signatures
    8. Torridge and West Devon, Geoffrey Cox MP209 signatures
    9. Sheffield Hallam, Olivia Blake MP208 signatures
    10. South Norfolk, Richard Bacon MP202 signatures
    11. Wells, James Heappey MP198 signatures
    12. Isle of Wight, Bob Seely MP196 signatures
    13. Thirsk and Malton, Kevin Hollinrake MP195 signatures
    14. Lewes, Maria Caulfield MP194 signatures
    15. Central Devon, Mel Stride MP185 signatures
    16. Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas MP, 185 signatures
    17. Mid Norfolk, George Freeman MP – 183 signatures
    18. Skipton and Ripon, Julian Smith MP183 signatures
    19. Broadland, Jerome Mayhew MP180 signatures
    20. North Herefordshire, Bill Wiggin MP 179 signatures
    21. Brecon and Radnorshire, Fay Jones MP178 signatures
    22. High Peak, Robert Largan MP178 signatures
    23. Ceredigion, Ben Lake MP178 signatures
    24. Arundel and South Downs, Andrew Griffith MP177 signatures
    25. Totnes, Anthony Mangnall MP177 signatures
    26. Macclesfield, David Rutley MP174 signatures
    27. Ross, Skye and Lochaber,  Ian Blackford MP174 signatures
    28. Westmorland and Lonsdale, Tim Farron MP174 signatures
    29. West Worcestershire, Harriet Baldwin MP173 signatures
    30. South Cambridgeshire, Anthony Browne MP172 signatures
    31. Norwich S, Clive Lewis MP168 signatures
    32. New Forest East, Julian Lewis MP167 signatures
    33. Ludlow, Philip Dunne MP167 signatures
    34. New Forest West, Desmond Swayne MP165 signatures
    35. South East Cambridgeshire, Lucy Fraser MP165 signatures
    36. Bridgwater & W Somerset, Ian Liddell-Grainger MP164 signatures
    37. Rutland and Melton, Alicia Kearns MP163 signatures
    38. East Devon, Simon Jupp MP163 signatures
    39. Bristol West, Thangam Debonnaire MP161 signatures
    40. Hexham, Guy Opperman MP – 160 signatures
    41. Truro and Falmouth, Cherilyn Mackrory MP159 signatures
    42. Monmouth, David Davies MP159 signatures
    43. North Cornwall, Scott Mann MP157 signatures
    44. Penrith and the Border, Neil Hudson MP – 157 signatures
    45. Forest of Dean, Mark Harper MP157 signatures
    46. Chichester, Gillian Keegan MP156 signatures
    47. North Somerset, Liam Fox MP156 signatures

Westminster Parliament petitions run for 6 months, and we still have three and a half months to go – and we’re over half way there. But we think it will be a struggle to reach 100,000. We need your help – not just in signing the petition yourself but in finding a few others to sign it too. Every signature counts, whether it is the 7th in Tyrone or the 249th in North Norfolk.