Five shot Goshawks found in Suffolk: Wild Justice offers £5k reward for information

On Monday (16th January 2023), Suffolk Police found five dead juvenile Goshawks dumped at the edge of the King’s Forest, just south of Thetford. X-rays revealed all five contained shotgun pellets (see here for details).

Earlier today, the RSPB offered a £5k reward for information leading to a conviction in this despicable case. It is the highest reward the charity has ever offered (see here).

Wild Justice will match the RSPB’s reward, which now stands at £10,000.

Wild Justice said: “We are sick to the back teeth of the relentless illegal persecution of birds of prey in the UK, which is mostly associated with land managed for gamebird shooting, be that Red Grouse, Pheasants or partridges. Indeed, it was our strength of feeling about raptor persecution, and our frustration at the failure of the Westminster and the devolved governments to tackle it effectively, that led to us founding Wild Justice in 2018. In partnership with the RSPB, we hope this substantial reward will encourage someone to come forward with information about whoever was responsible for this heinous crime, and that that information leads to a successful conviction“.

If you have any information, please call Suffolk Police on 101 and quote crime reference 37/3027/23. Alternatively, to get in touch anonymously, call the RSPB’s dedicated Raptor Crime Hotline on 0300 999 0101.