Conservationists seek explanations from Dorset & Sussex police forces re: investigations into poisoned white-tailed eagles

In recent months, at least two young white-tailed eagles from the Isle of Wight Reintroduction Project have been found poisoned on game-shooting estates in southern England – one in Dorset and one in West Sussex.

The police handling of the two investigations has caused serious concern amongst both the public and conservationists. Dorset Police has closed, prematurely, its investigation and Sussex Police has failed to comment on its investigation, seven months after the dead eagle was discovered (October 2021).

This week, Wildlife & Countryside LINK, the largest environment and wildlife coalition in England, has written letters to the Chief Constables of Dorset and Sussex Police to express concern about the handling of these investigations. In the case of the poisoned eagle in Dorset, LINK has asked for a full explanation of why the investigation was closed so abruptly before even a search had been conducted.

These letters have been written by LINK’s Wildlife Crime Working Group, of which Wild Justice is a member.