Chris Loder MP and the eagles (2) – what does your elected representative think?

Chris Loder MP’s views (see preceding blog post) don’t seem to be getting much support on social media – our little poll has passed 2000 votes and there are fewer than 1% of responses saying ‘No thanks’ to birds of prey.

But given the continuing unremitting news of illegal killing of birds of prey, and persecution of other wildlife and general lack of respect for wildlife, this seems like an opportune moment to check in with our elected representatives and speak up for birds of prey as iconic and threatened wildlife.

So, Wild Justice is asking you to write to your MP or MSP, MS or MLA (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) along the following lines, just as a guide;


Dear ______

I am writing to you as a constituent, to ask for your opinion on a wildlife issue that is very important to me. I was saddened to hear the recent news that two White-tailed Eagles have been found dead in Southern England, but I was dismayed to read Chris Loder MP’s view that ‘Dorset is not the place for eagles to be reintroduced’ and that eagles are ‘killing our lambs and plaguing our farmers’.

White-tailed Eagles are a native UK species; they belong here. Dedicated conservation organisations, such as the Roy Dennis Foundation, have worked hard to reintroduce this remarkable bird, which was previously driven to extinction in the UK through a range of factors but mainly the type of human persecution that is now, rightly, illegal.

White-tailed Eagles have been successfully reintroduced to Scotland, thanks to a lengthy and expensive, but very successful, project by many individual conservationists and conservation organisations. Since the recent releases on the Isle of Wight, members of the public have been thrilled to spot White-tailed Eagles soaring in skies across the UK; from Scotland to the Midlands, and even over Westminster.  On Mull the reintroduced White-tailed Eagles draw people to the island to see the birds, enjoy the scenery and spend their tourist money in the local community. Whichever way you look at it, they are an asset.

Birds of prey, including eagles, have suffered centuries of persecution in the UK. It’s disheartening to see outdated, anti-bird-of-prey sentiments being expressed by elected political representatives. Raptor persecution is still a problem today, despite it being a wildlife crime, and perpetuating these antiquated opinions is not what we need in the midst of today’s biodiversity crisis.

I hope to see the UK become a place that White-tailed Eagles, and indeed all native birds of prey, are both welcome and able to thrive in a healthy natural environment, free from persecution.

Can I ask if you would welcome White-tailed Eagles and other birds of prey in your constituency?

Yours sincerely,

Provide name (including surname) and address (to show that you really are a constituent and therefore deserve a proper response)

We’d be interested to see any responses you get. There will be some Wild Justice supporters who are constituents of Chris Loder himself – please do write to him politely but firmly if you disagree with his views.

It seems very strange that when UK wildlife is in such a poor state, that elected representatives can speak out against restoring wildlife to its former areas, and when so often the reason for wildlife lossses is criminal behaviour, that elected representatives can act as though that criminality is a low priority. We need a re-boot of the political consciousness so that all that talk about restoring wildlife and stopping its decline is translated into action. Please send that message today.