Marathon for the Missing Hen Harriers

Henry Morris is running through the grouse moors of the north of England this coming week to raise money for Wild Justice, to publicise the fate of Hen Harriers and because that’s what he does as an ultra-marathon runner. See his website for more details.

He’ll be carrying a satellite tag, much like some Hen Harriers have done, and you’ll be able to see whether or not he disappears on the moors as have many, many Hen Harriers including the sad case of Hen Harrier Rannoch which emerged last week – slowly killed in an illegal trap on a Scottish grouse moor.

Hen Harrier ‘Rannoch’ died on a Scottish grouse moor.

Wild Justice has talked to Henry about how to spend the money that he is raising and options include: funding Hen Harrier Day events, donating books about Hen Harriers to public and school libraries and funding more satellite tags to study this endangered bird.

Henry’s doing an amazing thing – please support his crowdfunder.