Young naturalist Benji Fallow donates artwork sales to Wild Justice

9-year-old Benjamin Fallow is a young artist and naturalist. He draws and paints from nature, and loves to draw out in the countryside – he’s been carrying paper and pens in his backpack since he was three! Benji loves studying the details and learning facts about each species. He calls himself Benjamin Fallow after fallow deer, because deer are his favourite animals. He’s passionate about protecting nature, and he hopes his artwork will encourage people to care for wildlife and for nature.

Benji says:

We have to let nature be wild and not harm it. Nature is the most amazing thing to learn about, and we must look after it. All plants and animals and humans are connected, and we can’t survive without each other.

I hope people will see my artwork and remember to care for nature.”

Benji has very generously decided to donate the proceeds from some of his artwork to support Wild Justice. Thank you, Benji, what a star!

Benji drew this Hen Harrier especially for Hen Harrier Day 2022, and all the proceeds from sales of his Hen Harrier card and print, Goshawk card and print, Peregrine Falcon, Badger and Fox cards, will go to help Wild Justice.

All the artwork are prints of Benji’s own work, made by himself from scratch at ages 6 – 8. They are printed on beautiful sustainably produced Mokawk paper with high quality inks. The packaging is all recycled and compostable.

You can view (and buy!) Benji’s artwork on his Etsy page: