Wild Justice’s second year accounts and corporation tax

Wild Justice is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and so we file our accounts with Companies House and pay corporation tax on our ‘profits’. When setting up Wild Justice we decided to go this route, rather than the ‘full charity’ route, at least to start with. If we decide to do an ‘upgrade’ to a charity then we will be able to claim Gift Aid on donations but we will have more onerous and costly reporting requirements and our freedom to say what we want would be reduced. At the moment we aren’t planning to convert to being a charity but it’s something we discuss quite regularly.

Our financial year runs from 1 November to 31 October. Our rather unilluminating company accounts for our second financial year (up to 31 October 2020) have recently been posted on the Companies House website and the gist of them is reproduced below;

We have paid nearly £7,000 in corporation tax as a result.

Thank you to all our supporters for their generosity of spirit and their donations that support all the work we do.