Update on e-action – for people, for the climate and for wildlife

Our e-action, Uplands for people, for the climate and for wildlife was launched over a month ago. Almost every MP in England, MSP in Scotland, MS in Wales and MLA in Northern Ireland has received an email from at least one of their constituents calling for action on Uplands for people, for the climate and for wildlife. We have plans to make the e-action whizz along now that parliamentarians are back in their parliaments after the summer break. Watch this space.

The headline number

Over 16,500 emails have been sent to elected parliamentarians across the UK already – asking them to deliver Uplands for people, for the climate and for wildlife. That equates to over 20 emails to the average elected parliamentarian across each of the four UK parliaments. Thank you!

A national breakdown

Wales 40 of 60 MSs have been contacted (67%)

Northern Ireland 85 of 90 MLAs have been contacted (94%)

Scotland 127 of 129 MSPs have been contacted (98%)

England 529 of 533 MPs have been contacted (99%)

The top-ranking English constituencies

All of the 10 top English constituencies in responding to our e-action are, or are immediately adjacent to, upland areas:

Skipton and Ripon, Julian Smith MP, 71 emails

High Peak, Robert Largan MP, 71 emails

Sheffield Hallam, Olivia Blake MP, 65 emails

Derbyshire Dales, Sarah Dines MP, 62 emails

Hexham, Guy Opperman MP, 58 emails

Sheffield Central, Paul Blomfield MP, 47 emails

Thirsk and Malton, Kevin Hollinrake MP, 45 emails

Westmorland and Lonsdale, Tim Farron MP, 44 emails

Richmond, Rishi Sunak MP, 44 emails

Berwick upon Tweed, Ann-Marie Trevelyan MP, 43 emails

The missing English constituencies

There are just four English constituency MPs who have not yet had a single email asking for Uplands for people, for the climate and for wildlife. One of them is easy – it is Chris Packham’s MP, Julian Lewis, who won’t accept email correspondence! The others are all in London; Erith and Thamesmead, Harrow East and West Ham.

The missing Scottish constituencies

The two Holyrood constituencies from which emails have not been sent to their MSPs are: Aidrie and Shotts and Glasgow Provan. If you live in either of those constituencies, or have a friend you can nudge, we’d be pleased to see the full set achieved as soon as possible – thanks!

Wales and Northern Ireland

The software system we use for this e-action has some wrinkles in it and it’s less good at providing us with fine-scale information about Wales and Northern Ireland. However, it’s clear, particularly in Wales, that support for the e-action is especially high in upland areas themselves.

We will continue to bring you occasional updates on progress throughout September and October.

If you have signed the e-action and sent a message to your elected representative(s) – thank you! Now please ask your friends to do the same.

If you haven’t yet participated, then please have a look at https://bit.ly/3CAzFQJ and see whether you can take part. Many thanks!