Thanking a mammal

Our newsletter is received by over 30,000 subscribers and shared around and read by very many more. We obviously know the email addresses and names of subscribers and we have just done an audit of the mammals who are subscribed – ‘bear’ with us, this is quite fun and also has a serious point.

There are 34 Foxes, 6 Hares (including O’Hares, which we assume are Irish Blue Hares), 2 Seals, 2 Badgers, 2 Squirrels, 2 Moles, 2 Wolfs but just one Deer and one Bear, and no Rabbits, Shrews, Voles, Beavers, Otters or Whales at all. Not the most balanced and sustainable mammal fauna perhaps.

We’d like to thank one of these mammals for a donation of £2000 on Thursday. The money appeared in our bank account and that’s all we know. Thank you very much!

The serious point is that when you donate to us by bank transfer, which is a very convenient way to do it, we see your name and the amount but that’s all – so we’d love to thank you individually but can only do so collectively like this. Many thanks to all who have donated to us by whatever means

And people of any name, not just mammal names, are welcome to subscribe to our free campaigning newsletter