Survey responses 2023 (2)

Two years ago we sent out a survey through our newsletter and summarised the responses in five blogs over the Easter Period. This year we have repeated the process, almost exactly (we dropped one question and refined another), and this and a preceding blog post set out the results so that you can see how you fit in and read a range of views from others.

What do you care about (note the wording of the question)?

How would you describe your relationship with Wild Justice?

NB the options were: I wouldn’t class myself as a supporter (green), I’m a passive supporter (dk blue), I’m an active supporter- I am prepared to sign petitions, donate money and/or write letters, at least now and again (yellow) and I’m an active supporter and I’d like Wild Justice to give me more opportunities to make a difference (lt blue)

What do you think of our newsletter?

  • Excellent newsletter, brilliantly written with a fine touch of humour, concise but gives all the information needed, and very motivating. 
  • I like your no-nonsense, clear, personable, emails. 
  • I find your fact based newsletters refreshing and informative & I know that when a new email arrives it will be important to read it and, where appropriate, respond to requests for support and help.
  • The wording, tone and approach are spot on. Newsletter in the right size and content brief and to the point.
  • Your newsletters are beautifully written & very impactful.
  • I look forward to seeing your newsletter and read it each time.
  • Very proud of your achievements, persistence & the unique, quirky, succinct & intelligent nature of your communications. Onwards!
  • Newsletters are very informative and I like the tone which is positive where possible and constructive where news is grim.
  • I like your newsletters very much. 
  • Your newsletter is very informative. I am glad that you are taking a stand on the issues you take up.
  • I am impressed with WJ’s approach to activism; it is rational and effective. I feel it would be better supported with more user friendly emails.
  • I really appreciate the Wild Justice’s campaigns and all the informative briefings.
  • Newsletter very interesting and readable.
  • Very interesting and important emails, but sometimes too lengthy.
  • I like the brevity of your emails. They are short enough (but full of info) to read. There’s nothing worse than screeds of words with multiple links, I find that off putting!! 
  • One of the only mailshots I actually read – I appreciate the ‘no frills’ approach and straightforward design and language. As someone who suffers with overwhelm and distraction from too many emails and too much information and visuals/links, I really like the simplicity of this one.
  • Your emails are informative, thought provoking and convincing, and give up to date reports on the progress of campaigns and issues. They illustrate how purposeful and sincere Wild Justice is.
  • The style of your newsletters, the way you ‘talk’ to the people is very informative and interesting and one immediately wants to be part of this attitude.
  • I like the clear and unemotional tone of your newsletters. You are honest about your failures and successes and go for clear and achievable goals.
  • Newsletter is excellent. Very pleased to see focus on SSSIs and site protection. More pressure needed to make NE etc actually visit and monitor sites.
  • Newsletter is well written and informative and I am pleased that you do not bombard us with a daily email as this can become irritating. You send them when there is something to say.
  • I like reading your newsletter as it covers different topics, giving me the information I want without be too long winded.
  • I think you nail it. Comms are concise and considered but pitched in a friendly chatty tone, and the frequency is about right to keep us informed. The calls to arms and requests for donation are limited to those where you think your supporters can make a difference. And most importantly the causes you choose to focus your efforts on are spot on. 
  • The newsletters are engaging and well-written – a good tone, quite friendly but still brisk and business-like. Gives an impression of a competent organisation that understands what it is trying to do, even when you acknowledge that you don’t win them all.
  • I like the matter-of-fact, but upbeat, tone of the newsletter. The request for money is never overbearing, which is important.
  • Your newsletters and website are engaging and interesting. You are really good at explaining potentially complicated issues in a way that makes them easy to understand and is not at all overwhelming. I always read right to the end… something I don’t always manage to do with info from other organisations. I always read your newsletters as soon as I see them in my inbox, they never get added to the ‘read later’ pile that I somehow never quite manage to return to!!
  • Your humour is probably at least as important as my own beliefs in motivating me.
  • You’ve created a wonderful resource with the newsletters, bringing to light many issues people may not be aware of and it’s very impressive how much has been achieved since Wild Justice began.
  • The tone with which you talk to supporters is refreshingly down-to-earth – I like your style!
  • I LOVE your easy to read no nonsense newsletters and everything you stand for, if I were a billionaire I’d happily donate large sums of money on a regular basis 🙂

What do you think of our involvement with the legal system?

  • Think you do well to use legal framework to argue case for better protection for wildlife – brilliant strategy- and 100% support the challenges to laws that harm wildlife. 
  • It seems no one can do the decent thing voluntarily – they have to be forced into it by legal enforcement – that’s you!!
  • Without Wild Justice I think that many current laws and practices would go unchallenged as major conservation organisations do not want to take on any contentious issues and come into conflict with politicians or business.
  • I am absolutely thrilled that Wild Justice is taking the active roll to support the protection of wildlife and taking the government to task in its failings over current legislation. After all what is the point of legislation if it is not properly applied or monitored.
  • I really like the fact that you use the legal system to drive change – much more effective that the more widespread ‘clicktivism’.
  • what you are doing – being the legal voice for the silent wildlife – is utterly vital to help them survive in this human dominated world – fight smart, fight hard my friends!
  • You are an ingenious organisation. In today’s world you can only effect real change & combat greed through legal action. 
  • I really admire your intelligent use of the legal system.
  • The legal route is the only way to ensure change long term.
  • I think your work is first class. However I’m slightly concerned that you have too much faith in the lawyers you use. They should be judged more critically on their success rate.
  • I like and support Wild Justice as it uses the law to tackle important and often englected issues.
  • I am right behind their use of the justice system to effect change. Writing to MPs, signing petitions, demonstrating etc can be useful, but the results of going to court can’t be brushed aside.
  • I consider that holding government to account for enacting existing legislation is the keystone of your work.
  • You do an excellent and much needed job using legal argument to force change.
  • I see Wild Justice as an intelligent conduit to change government policy regarding wildlife and environmental issues. Kind of playing the establishment at their own game by legally challenging corporations and government rather than demonstrating.
  • Most people (myself included) do not have the legal understanding or means to make these challenges, however angry or frightened we might feel – through Wild Justice, I feel I have a chance of making my voice heard.
  • I am impressed with the smart use by Wild Justice of a combination of judicial review or the threat of it, together with pressure by other means, to provide the best chance of a successful result.
  • I particularly like how proactive and assertive Wild Justice is, striving to achieve its goals creatively and cleverly, and where it exposes failings in our legislation and legal processes it focuses effort to rectify them, which I think is the best approach.
  • It is great that parts of the UK government/civil service know that they are being scrutinised by people who care and are prepared to “put their money where their mouth is”.
  • Welcome the great progress made by making good use of the legal system to support nature’s recovery.
  • Regulation and it’s enforcement has failed us as a society and you are trying to correct that. 
  • Keep up the good work – taking the legal route to correct questionable ‘legal’ unacceptable practises around wildlife issues is much needed. 
  • I believe in trying to make a difference and actually holding organisations to account in the courts.
  • I agree with everything you stand for and especially the use of the legal system to further your aims.