Survey responses (2)

We sent out a survey in our newletter #57 and 8640 of you responded – which is amazing! Thank you.

Over the Easter period we’ll post five short summaries of the responses – this is the second.

We asked you:

  • Just over 1% of newsletter subscribers live outside the UK.
  • Wild Justice’s newsletter subscribers are slightly under-represented in Northern Ireland and slightly over-represented in Scotland (but not by much)
  • Wild Justice newsletter subscribers are mostly middle-aged and older (a bit like the three of us)
  • 53% of Wild Justice newsletter subscribers are female.

And here are some more of your comments:

Newsletter and communications:

  1. Love the news letters and congratulations on achieving so much for wildlife
  2. I mostly follow your actions via the email newsletter which is helpful to keep abreast of your activities.
  3. Not actually got to look at website but enjoy the newsletter which keeps my levels of concern about wildlife/environmental issues at the forefront.
  4. Always enjoy receiving and take time to digest your updates.
  5. I also enjoy the tone of the newsletters – even if Chris Packham doesn’t write them I can see him talking in his no nonsense way. I’ve shared the newsletters with a number of people, some who have also become involved.
  6. I also like the way that you keep your supporters informed and up to date with the work you are undertaking and your progress.
  7. I read your newsletters. I don’t use Twitter or engage with social media really, but I forward your emails and spread the message that way….
  8. I have found your emails very informative and interesting. You are doing vital work raising awareness of wildlife and conservation issues.
  9. Great organisation with good communication and raising and supporting incredibly important issues
  10. I think you’re doing a great job, especially like the personable, relatable tone of your communications!
  11. Your newsletters give me hope that there are positive changes happening in this world.
  12. I skim read the emails -they are a but long for me. I don’t look at any other wild justice Comms.
  13. I follow you mainly through Twitter.
  14. You guys are very well informed on the issues you campaign on. It would be great if you could share more of this through links to research/ publications in your newsletter and website. You already do this, thanks, I’m just asking for more. Maybe a “resources” page on your website.
  15. Very interested in keeping up to date with Wild Justice and look forward to receiving the newsletters.
  16. I love receiving the newsletter and reading about all the great important work you do!
  17. I get so many communications on line that i am not encouraging you to send me a lot more but the amount that you send me at the moment is about right and i am keen to keep abreast of the issues that you raise
  18. I really enjoy your weekly newsletter and your Twitter account content and wondered if you could also launch an Instagram account?
  19. I enjoy reading the newsletter as it is informative and gives me an opportunity to help when I can
  20. I enjoy your newsletters and I usually sign petitions.
  21. I get so many e mails from groups I support I like brief clear updates with links to longer articles etc if wanted.
  22. I love the Newsletter content but sometimes it is a little long, maybe more frequent “bitesize” comms?
  23. Thank you for your information. It’s always in easy to understand format. I feel I am learning lots.
  24. I’ll read all information from your Newsletter
  25. Respected & informative in the undertaking of being a voice in conservation.

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