Response to e-action from Plaid Cymru

Thank you for getting in touch to raise awareness for such an important issue.

Wales is often defined by its uplands- a country marked by mountains, moorlands, and upland heaths. Uplands play a crucial societal role in Wales: as noted by the 2020 State of Natural Resources Report, our uplands provide us with food and fibre, soil carbon storage, climate change mitigation, drinking water, water regulation, flood alleviation, energy production, recreation and tourism opportunities, along with scientific, educational, historical and archaeological services- the list goes on.

Despite the importance of upland habitats in Wales, they are indeed under threat, but this need not be the case. In advance of COP26 and COP15- this autumn’s international meetings on climate and biodiversity- Wales has an opportunity to lead the way in the sustainable management of its uplands, for nature, for climate, and of course, for people.

Rest assured, Plaid Cymru is absolutely committed to ensuring the Senedd and Welsh Government play their role in protecting and improving our natural environments. Indeed, following a Plaid Cymru motion and the ensuing debate, the Senedd and the Welsh Government voted to declare a nature emergency, to introduce legally-binding nature recovery targets, for habitats and for species, and to establish an environmental governance body to police environmental crime.

As your elected representative, I’d be glad to commit to this new vision for the uplands of Wales: for people, for the climate and for wildlife. This vision must be an absolute priority for the Welsh Government and for the Senedd, and I will do my upmost to ensure this vision is realised.

Yours sincerely,