Please sign #StateOfNature petition today!

Good morning!  

Wild Justice is one of over 50 wildlife groups asking you to send a strong message in favour of wildlife to the Westminster government. 

Today sees the launch of a major campaign to persuade Boris Johnson to add an amendment to the Environment Bill to set a legally binding target to reverse the loss of nature in England by 2030.

Please add your voice to the #StateOfNature petition today – click here.   

Even the Prime Minister’s father, Stanley Johnson, has written to ask for this amendment to be added!  

Although the Environment Bill mostly deals with English matters we would ask all of our supporters, wherever they live, to sign the petition – you’ll be doing English wildlife a favour. And on this St David’s Day, and after Wales whipped England at rugby on Saturday, it would be particularly kind of supporters in Wales to do so.  

Wild Justice is very happy to be part of this campaign and we hope we might be the first organisation to ask for your support.  We’ll be reminding you of the petition as the campaign gains momentum through the spring, but today you can be one of the people to get it off to a strong start.  

Please add your voice on Day 1 of this campaign – sign here.  

Thank you!

PS And you can see that this campaign has support from a massive range of organisations including all of the big beasts of nature conservation, as well as lots of the tiddlers like Wild Justice.