Our Badger petition

Badger. Photo: Chris Packham
Tony Juniper, Chair of Natural England

It’s Tony Juniper’s birthday today and the House of Commons Petitions Committee have inadvertently given him a present from Wild Justice – a petition against the free-shooting of Badgers which Natural England licenses. For his birthday present Tony, Chair of Natural England, is seeing that the licensing of Badger shooting is one of the most unpopular actions that Natural England has ever taken.

Our petition – thanks to all of you out there – has just passed the 10,000 signatures mark which triggers a response from government. It’s taken just eight hours to reach this landmark total.


There’s a long way to go to the next landmark, of 100,000 signatures, but let’s see whether we can get there with a little help from our friends. Click here to have a look at the petition please.

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