Our Badger petition – end of Week 2.

Badger. Photo: Chris Packham

We’ve just come to the end of Week 2 of our Badger petition – and we have over 55,000 signatures already!

Thank you for your support for this wonderful mammal.

We are angry at the scale and inhumanity of the NFU-driven, government-sanctioned, Natural England-licensed cull. And the amazing response to the petition is a sign that you are angry too.

We’ll be asking for your help in various ways over the weeks ahead and we’re doing some thinking about that now. We’ll keep you informed of how you can help through our newsletter (sign up, free, here) but in the meantime please just spread the word of the petition to your friends, family and workmates.

All UK residents and UK citizens living abroad can sign the petition – here is the link.

And if you follow that link you can also see where the signatures come from: