Making payments to our bank account

We bank with Triodos Bank because we like their environmental credentials – and they are efficient and friendly.

Over the last few weeks we’ve had a few donors saying that they have had difficulty in transferring money from their bank to ours because they get a message saying that the name (Wild Justice) is not recognised or verified (or something like that).

This is not because there is anything wrong with our bank account, nor anything wrong with Triodos Bank, it’s because the Confirmation of Payee system which was introduced last year does not yet include many of the smaller banks, such as Triodos. Triodos is in the queue to join this system and expects to get there later this year.

So, in our case, if you see that message when you are trying to donate to us through bank transfer you can safely go ahead with your donation provided you are using the bank details on our website.

However, we wouldn’t want our supporters to do anything that felt a bit scary so if you see a message like that one then please find another way to send us some money (PayPal or cheque through the post) or simply hang fire and send us a donation at a later date. Whatever suits you best.

By the way, we receive about 125 donations through bank transfers each month, many of them regular monthly payments, so the system is working for lots of people.

Thank you for all your continuing moral and financial support. Both mean a lot to us.