It’s our birthday – we are two

Two years ago today we launched Wild Justice.

Since then our action has:

  • led the reform of general licences across the UK
  • led to better protection of designated wildlife sites through increased regulation of recreational wildlife shooting.
  • challenged the licensing of Badger shooting in the courts (we are waiting for an appeal hearing) and through a petition which already has over 104,000 signatures – please click here.
  • put pressure on governments in England and Scotland through an e-action taken by 123,000+ people (together with RSPB and Hen Harrier Action) to protect blanket bogs from harmful burning and give birds of prey effective protection on grouse moors – we have seen progress (not enough) on both issues.

In addition we have worked with other wildlife organisations on campaigns and advocacy across a wide range of conservation issues.  

It’s not a bad start!

There’s much more work for us to do and we have started several projects about which we will be able to tell you as they unfold over the coming weeks. Some are Wild Justice projects, and in others we are working collaboratively with other wildlife conservation organisations.  

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