Gamebirds legal challenge

We sent the following letter to the Defra legal team yesterday. As you can see, they are either in some disarray or are simply mucking us about. Either way, they’d better get on with things…

Dear Mr ***********,
Thank you for your email, received at 17.32pm on 29 August. Our client finds your position perplexing and wholly unsatisfactory.
Our client’s Pre-Action Protocol letter was sent on 10th July and generously offered an extended period of 21 days for reply. You replied on 30th July (the day before your response was due) and requested a further 4 weeks (until 28th August). At the end of that seven week period you asked for a further day and at the end of that day you requested a further extension until 11th September. This will represent a period of some nine weeks simply to respond to our PAP letter.  
In the event that we do not receive your substantive response to our PAP letter, or a satisfactory explanation for the reasons for this extended delay (and acceptable reasons would not, in our view, include the usual holiday period and/or simply being busy) by 11th September, our client reserves the right to issue proceedings without further notice to you.
Yours sincerely,

(Leigh Day)