Game Fair, fair game 2020

Last year Wild Justice directors Chris Packham and Mark Avery were invited to the annual Game Fair to face a barrage of difficult questions about our thoughts and opinions on a variety of matters. We are pretty much always up for talking to people and so accepted the invitation as much out of a sense of duty as real enthusiasm.

And, you may remember, a few days, very few, before the actual event we were uninvited by the Game Fair organisers (actually only Chris was univited Mark read it on the BASC website – how classy are they?).

We notice that the Game Fair is in Warwickshire this summer and at the moment we might be free (all three of us not just the two blokes) so we’d just like to offer some advice to BASC, GWCT, the Daily Telegraph, Moorland Association, Countryside Alliance and others: if you’d like us to attend this year then ask us soon and get yourselves sorted out so that you can try to avoid the public relations disaster you caused yourselves last year. Just saying…

Here are some links to last year’s events (here, here, here, here)