Extracts from our Pre Action Protocol letter to Natural England.

Wild Justice has been in fairly lengthy and detailed correspondence with Natural England and DEFRA on the matter of Badger culls.

Here we post extracts from our last letter to Natural England, dated 22 May 2020.

You can see that the beginning of the letter sets out what the letter is and names Natural England as the proposed defendant in any legal case.

Then there is a lot of legal stuff but some of the most important aspects of the letter follow here:

An independent expert panel recommended one thing but Natural England has continued to license Badger culling by free shooting which fails, always, to meet this criterion of humaneness, and Natural England have not specified any alternative criterion. What would a humane culling programme look like? Why is Natural England continuing to licence a programme which every year fails to meet some fairly basic standards of animal welfare?

As far as para 29 is concerned we received a reply in June but then we would refer you to para 27.

We’ll have more to say about the state’s inhumanity to Badgers over the coming days and weeks.