Badgers and biscuits

On Tuesday Wild Justice had a long and detailed meeting with our legal team and a group of experts on badgers and bovine TB.

There are many aspects of the badger-culling programme that concern us but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a legal case to pursue. We are still looking with great interest at this subject.

Where, for example, is the evidence that the government’s actions have set us anyway down the road towards what is claimed to be the desired endpoint of eradication of bovine TB in cattle?

Why has DEFRA not responded to the Godfray report? This report was commissioned in February 2018, published in November 2018 (yes, 2018!) and has not yet received a government response in January 2020. DEFRA hardly behaves like a government department these days, it behaves like a shambolic home for deranged countryside myths.

The scale of death and suffering licensed by Natural England is quite incredible and yet they seem perfectly content with their role in this utter mess.

Angry as we are, we’re still looking hard at the issues with the aid of some nice people and nice biscuits.

This is the type of work for which we need a Fighting Fund – if we do not find legal grounds to take a case on behalf of Badgers then we’ll have spent thousands of pounds getting to that position. We won’t take frivolous cases but that means we need to investigate a range of options and subjects and consider them carefully. If you feel able to contribute to our Fighting Fund then please click here for details of how to donate by PayPal, bank tranfer or by popping a cheque in the post. Thank you.