A recent email

We received this on Thursday afternoon but didn’t actually read it until Thursday evening (which is quicker than we get to some emails!).

Dear Wild Justice

Personally I am heavily involved in the hunting, shooting and fishing community so must remain annonymous for obvious reasons.

Something has come to light that may be of interest to you. It will not shut down shooting, which I know you are fans of doing, but it will be of significant interest and providing that you know how to press for conviction would well lead to one.. Obviously my annonymity is important for me, but also my desire to see family financially cared for is important.

If there is an arrangement available whereby I can provide information on the basis of an annonymous source, such as a private investigator, that would result in financial reward in exchange for information about a significant a pest control supply company, that would be of great interest to myself and equally to yourselves I am sure. If this is something that you would be possible please let me know how arrangements can be made. Kind regards

received by email on Thursday afternoon

Two of us had a quick chat about this email but before we responded we got another one from the same email address as follows:

Time’s up. This is going straight to the police and BASC will get the glory instead.

received by email Friday morning

Well that saved us having to reply saying ‘If you have any genuine information then you should take it to the police. We are not interested in your deal, thank you.’.