A busy week

Monday – receive response from DEFRA on gamebird releases – we are waiting for our lawyers to advise us on options

Tuesday – publicise our new legal challenge to the Welsh general licences and spend three hours on Twitter responding to questions and taking insults from people who almost all self-identify as shooters.

Wednesday – a phone conference with our legal team and some experts – watch this space or to be sure to be kept in touch then sign up to our newsletter – click here.

Thursday – one of us does have an interesting meeting on this day.

Friday – we expect a response from DEFRA on general licences but since these things tend to arrive at the close of play (if at all) two of us, Ruth and Mark, may well be watching Marsh Harriers going in to roost at Titchwell RSPB nature reserve in Norfolk at the time.

Sunday – Mark and Ruth will be at Parkgate on The Wirral with lots of other birders looking for harriers, Marsh and Hen, out on the saltmarsh and there will be lots of other birds too.

And dispersed throughout this there will be lots of emails to read and send, and sending thank you cards and emails to donors who send cheques to us through the post.

Wild Justice is just three people, Ruth Tingay, Chris Packham and Mark Avery, none of whom is full time and none of whom is paid any salary. We are building up a Fighting Fund so that we can investigate a large number of legal challenges and pick those that stand the best chance of success coupled with making the biggest impact on wildlife. If you’d like to contribute to our Fighting Fund then that would be very kind of you – the options are through PayPal, bank transfer or cheques through the post – click here for details. Thank you.