Thank you!

We’ve been getting payments through PayPal, transfers to our bank account and cheques in the post. All are very, very welcome – thank you! We’ll give you some idea of how generous people have been tomorrow.

The thing about cheques is that they tend to come in envelopes written by hand and with notes attached. It’s fun to read the messages, here are some examples;

No need to send me any ‘thank yous’. It’s thanks enough to see someone speaking up for wildlife + the environment now has the financial clout to take on people who are meant to protect our countryside.

Dear Warriors (!)

Thanks for all you are doing. Here’s a small donation.

Thank goodness for Wild Justice…

As someone who has spent the last 30 years writing letters to governments, ministers and NGOs in an attempt to dissuade them from the relentless onslaught against our natural world, I thank goodness for Wild Justice.

Just a few examples out of many – and they are all thanking us for the small part that Wild Justice is playing at standing up for threatened wildlife. But it is we who need to thank all our supporters. We can’t do anything without your support.

But, not to put too fine a point on it, we can do more if we have more resources which is why we are asking for donations to form a Wild Justice Fighting Fund so that we can explore more cases and take more action. Here is information on how you can donate if you feel you want to support us some more – click here (and thank you!).